MJ Training and Fitness

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Online Fitness Training

With my online training you will be able to reach your health and fitness goals with the convenience of training in your own home or gym! I will evaluate your present state and help define your desired goals. You will have access to me 24/7! Your account will be set up on a fitness app where you will find your complete four week training program with a daily plan to follow for 3 or 5 days. It will include workouts and number of sets and repetitions. There will be explanations on how to perform the exercise along with a video that shows how to perform the exercise.

Prenatal Exercise Plan

A four-week prenatal program with a list of exercises to choose from. Images of how to perform exercises included (one-time purchase of a 5-day per week plan). The plan can be repeated after a 4 weeks period

Boot Camp-Coming, Soon

Outdoors group exercise class that mixes high-intensity interval training and strength training, while burning body fat. Limited space, so purchase in advance, The Trainer will communicate via e-mail to confirm the date and time. Receive $5.00 off your advance purchase.

Personal Training in Person

Group Training provides the benefits of a small group while still receiving that personal attention and individualized workout. You have additional people who in return help each other stay motivated and accountable!

Glute Workout Training Program

Looking to shape amazing glute definition at home or the gym? This plan will help you tone, define & round your glutes by training them 3 times a week following particular glute muscle building exercises.

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